Spumoni, Cannoli & Desserts

Handcrafted and hand-packed, authentic… You won’t taste anything like it!

Genuine Spumoni

Layered Chocolate, Strawberry, Pistachio and Rum ice cream around a candied fruit and whipped cream center.

Offered in our 20 oz pint for convenience or sliced the way it’s intended (pssst, our pint offers instructions for slicing so you can serve it at home the way restaurants do)


Our light, flaky and flavorful shell is filled with our sweetened Ricotta cheese blend, garnished with our nut mix and dusted in powder sugar. Our Cannoli is always fresh filled and ready for immediate consumption.

Want to serve it later? Grab one of our Cannoli kits so you can fresh fill your own and serve when you’re ready. Our Cannoli kits come with either regular or mini Cannoli shells, Cannoli filling and garnish.

Having a larger party? Our Cannoli Dip Trays are the perfect addition for satisfying many a sweet tooth. Our tray of broken Cannoli shells let the guest  portion out their serving and is complete with a hearty supply of broken shells and Cannoli filling (serves about 12 – 15).


Our cases are filled with sweets and treats for every palate! Celebrating a milestone event? We have a dessert for that! Celebrating making it through the day? We have a dessert for that!

Visit our store for a wide selection of Italian Butter Cookies and Biscotti, Cake Pops, Cupcakes, individual slices of Cheesecake, Brownies, Cake, Tiramisu, Napoleon, Eclair, Gelato, Italian Ice, 6” ready to serve cakes, and more!

We proudly serve LaVazza Coffees and Espresso and invite you to enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage either on our outdoor patio (weather permitting) or inside where we have plenty of space and seating for conversation.

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